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Signs and Indications Deliverance is Required

ThierryNakoa March 31, 2022
  1. There is a propensity for a person to be compulsive or unable to control their desires and needs. The lack of self-control or self-discipline from doing something. Under the influence or outside interference of oneself. For example, different types of addictions such as drug addictions, lustful thoughts, sexual addictions such as viewing pornography, and the tendency to masturbate; hearing voices, to either harm oneself or say explicit things to others, or toward harming one-self or others (suicidal or homicidal tendencies). These are all un-controllable inner compulsions which are repeated and cyclical.
  2. Sometimes the presence of a disease can be a clear indication of demonic presence.
  3. When the person is receiving prayers for pain in the body and the pain begins to reposition and move away from the initial place.
  4. When inner healing seems to go nowhere.
  5. When there are clear manifestations.
  6. The person has lost their mind and is doing un-explicable things.
  7. Things that you would be able to remember easily, but are constantly forgetting, due to an explainable headache or pain in the head. Making constant errors and mistakes to things you have often done perfectly before. Unable to sleep at night for long periods of time without having a physical problem or an emotional or anxious situation bothering you…etc.
  8. Arguing for no reasons with spouses or friends; repeated sexual dreams or being violated. Being tormented.[1]

[1] MacNutt, Healing.