Payment Plan Options

Be advised that once you click on the payment your payment or tuition for this course is non-refundable. Consider this payment as a deposit to secure your seat. Payments made for this course are not considered payments for any impartations or anointings, or any spiritual services we provide. Payments are administrative costs to run the ministry. This administrative payment is a huge discount rateFill out the google form first by clicking the commitment button below then return to pay if you haven’t done this. If you have already filled out the google form, you may proceed below. 

(Step 2) Select Payment Plan

One-time Direct payment (preferred)

Direct Enrollment and you save on admin & late fees. This plan is the most preferred plan which require less administrative actions on the back end on the website. This plan you will be paying a one-time non-refundable $350 for the course.

Monthly Payment Plan (3 months)


The 3 Month Plan will consist of several administrative fees which will add up to $386.9 non-refundable total for a monthly fee of only $128.97 each month.