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This group is a team of people who love God and people and truly desire the gift of prophecy.  We meet every Friday night for “Prophetic Calesthenics” learning and excercises.  In this goup you will learn to hear the voice of the Lord for each other (specifically personal prophetic flow) in-order to comfort, edify, exhort for the benefit of the body.  We learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced prophetic service in a safe enviroment. New Enrolees will be required to deposit a one time tuition fee.  This course has a pre-requisite of taking “Prophetic Healing, Discernment, and  Deliverance” course prior to public teams ministry (link will be posted here).  The course will also require an active membership subscription of Warrior Level 3.0 in order to continue.  You will also be required to attend one prayer meeting a day out of the 3 daily prayers.

Several Student Manual will be provided (included in the tuition).

Several Prophet and Prophetic Gifted teachers will be equipment and training you on a weekly basis.

Audio Recording and Teachings (valued over $250) included.