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Be advised that once you click on the payment your payment or tuition for this course is non-refundable. Consider this payment as a deposit to secure your seat. Payments made for this course are not considered payments for any impartations or anointings, or any spiritual services we provide. Payments are administrative costs to run the ministry. This administrative payment is a huge discount rate.

Most 3 day weekend similar schools would charge $350 for 3 days. We are providing you 6 weeks with many hours of instructions and resources. If you have any questions before subscribing please contact prior to committing. 

Phase 1/Semester 1 official Classes will begin after 3 November  2023 and will terminate on the 29th of December 2023 (phase completes and new registration is required to begin phase 2 or semester 2. )

Phase 2/Semester 2 official Classes will begin after 5th January 2024 and will terminate on the 9th of February 2024. Depending on the class courses ending date may be adjusted to help the group succeed.

Those who have already completed Phase 1 or Semester one do not register on this form until told to do so. This is for first year students or phase 1 brand new students only!!!

Additional times and dates will be posted on the SchooloftheProphets clubhouse members page. In case you miss any live sessions, you will be able to catch up on this website. School of the Prophets is part of the School of the Holy Spirit Church. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on each respective pages on this website.  

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You will receive a gift code/coupon code at the end of this transaction. Please save this code and send it or give it to the receiver of the gift. They will in turn use this as a coupon code while registering for the desired Bootcamp or Semester.

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