a ( Course 1 ) School Of the Prophets 27May2024–Class 6

This course will be an intensive course on which we will embark with the School of the Holy Spirit.  We will start the first phase of this live and interactive boot-camp the first 3 months. The first phase will then be archived until the following year. This bootcamp will not only cover the basic foundational principals of the prophets calling, training, and office, but advanced functions. We will have guest prophets who have been tested and established to help understand the voice of the Lord and the different many flows or styles in the prophetic, such as the Nabiy, Seer/Chozeh and Nataph etc... Our goal will be to move as a single unit in unison and harmony with Holy Spirit. We will cover both advanced and foundational topics.  It will be fast paced and challenging course.

ThierryNakoa · May 15, 2024

Phase 1

x1 Course Manual is required and can be purchased on Amazon. 

x1 Course completion certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course.

TBD several handouts will be provided.

TBD Many Opportunities to minister spiritual gifts or prophecy during live meetings.

Additional resources and recordings will be provided. 

Activations held at different times will be provided.

Deliverance Available to those who would like to receive (Deliverance sessions are by appointment only and in conjunction with the School of the Holy Spirit once a month schedule and not on the student time of choice).

What is prophecy?. 

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy 

Signs of the Last days outpouring is the Prophetic Anointing 

The Calling 

The Trained

The differences between the Gift of prophecy and the office of a prophet

The Gift of Prophecy 

The Office 

All believers can Prophesy

Hearing the Voice of God /Activating spiritual senses

Differences between The Gift of Prophecy and Prophecy

how to engage your desire to prophesy

How to Purpose in your heart to receive

How to Build Faith to Prophesy

The gifts of the Holy Spirit

The fruit (works) of the spirit

How Prophesy according (proportion) to your faith

The gift of prophecy

prophecy and tongues

How the Prophetic Anointing is Contagious

Prophetic expressions

Cultivating the prophetic through worship and praise

Prophesying with instruments

The new song of the Lord

What is Prophetic Dance

What is Prophetic prayer

What are Prophetic acts or actions?

What are Prophetic parables?

Activate Prophetic songs

Prophetic prayers

How to do prophetic preaching/teachings

How to test (judge) a prophetic words?


The Ways God Communicates with His people

Five Major Categories of communication.

The way we receive a prophetic word


Where We Get The Word “Activation”

Starting to Prophesy

Have a real Relationship with the Giver (Holy Spirit)

Know that you can prophesy and remain humble

Desire (hungering and thirsting His righteousness) 

Preparation and Practice makes proficient (training)

Practice with elders or other mature experienced elders 

Make your motive love and add knowledge, virtue, and discipline to your prophetic lifestyle.

Fasting, Prayer, and tongues keeps you prepared

Times and Seasons

different kinds of prophecies found in the bible

Prophetic Songs in the Bible

Church Architectural Prophecies (edification) 

Prophecy about the Messiah..

Messianic Psalms: Establishment of the Kingdom of God

Christ’s Death and Descent into Hades 

The Crucifixion

The Good Shepherd (descent)


Messianic Kingdom

The Bridegroom Calling His Bride

Prophesy toward the unbelievers

Conditional Prophecies 

Unconditional Prophecies 

Single Word Activation

Single Scripture Activation

Seer Activation (mental Picture) Activating the Imagination

Revelation Through (Five Senses) Nabiy & Seer

Hot Seat Activations 

Blind Man Activation

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer

Riding on coattails or Piggy Backing

Singing the Heart of the Father or the Bride Groom King


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